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I have been a coon hunter all my life have hunted and owned walkers, Blueticks, English and Redbones. In 1993 I went to my 1st big hunt American Redbone Days. I decided to get what I was after I would start a breeding program. I never sold puppies to speak of always keeping the entire litter, training them and keeping the good ones and culling the undesirables. This was an extremely long process and it was not till 1998 I finally had what I was after. It came from a country coonhound named Sally that was bred to Outlaw Billy the kid, I took the pup nobody wanted and she became the nucleus of my kennel. Gr.Nt.Ch.Mosquito Creek Outlaw Sue (now owned by Spencer Glissen) she gave me many nights of pleasure, she blessed me with Nt.Ch. Mosquito Creek Renegade Sue (sis), who blessed Me with three of the most outstanding young females I have seen to Date. MY motto is breeding Brains to Brains not papers to papers, IT WORKS. I lost Sis and three other nice hounds in a horrific fire Feb 15 2005. Risking my own life going in to my burning kennel I managed to save my 3 girls out of Sis. To Improve the breed I must set lofty goals and to accomplish them Goals I either need to finance promoting My Hounds or Place them in the Hands of hunters with the same ethics and breeding values as mine.

My goals for this kennel from the very begining were to help Improve the Redbone Breed and Train a World Champion Redbone coonhound. In attempting this I have gone through many hounds good and bad. When I first started a man had to feed a hound for 2-3 years before he knew what he had. That as you can imagine was very time consuming. Also the Major breeders were telling me if 1 or 2 turn out of a litter be Grateful that’s good. I myself was never satisfied with those numbers, so I made a commitment to God and myself; if given the knowledge to produce the best Redbone Coonhound possible.

That Knowledge came by way of many knowledgeable Trainers and Breeders and with that Info customized my own training program. I have always been a leader not a follower, I got plenty of good knowledge from all sources but the end results were not exactly what I was looking for, the numbers needed to be a lot better some how. To get different results you have to have the courage to be and do something different.

I started doing my research, I will touch base on some of the thought process. To get different results I needed to do some things different than what was already being done. So as I am researching I see several studies on human Babies and amazingly enough the studies proved that when babies are in the womb they begin developing their brain. Newborn babies being shown flash cards in their crib were well ahead of their class (age group). This was very interesting to me and I kept wondering how I could implement some thing like this in coon dogs? I also wondered how in the world elephant trainers and lion trainers got those beasts to do what they wanted. You can bet they are not kicking the tar out of them. Again I kept researching and what I found out was what ALL GREAT TRAINERS had in common. A bird trainer, elephant trainer, lions, falconer, homing pigeons it don’t matter they all have 1 thing in common, they train all their animals through their stomach. They keep them hungry (not starved to death) and reward them with food a little at a time till they know what they are to do. Track and Tree is my goal, if a pup can not track and tree his food for survival God will cull him. It doesn’t take long if done properly. Well I had that answer but what about flash cards? Brain development at an early age is what I am after. So my research continued, Not knowing where to go I went to the woods sat in one of my tree stands observing the wild life. Contrary to belief Animals are born tame and made wild by man. Ever known any one to find a baby raccoon,squrill,deer,duck,goose and raise it amazing how they adjust to us. Any way it was May,mid month and I could see several nocturnal animals with young walking around in the day light learning the timber and Dangers. I would see Raccoons out in the daytime weeks before I would tree a Kit at night. I observed this with deer as well. Now I knew my pups needed to get to the timber ASAP in the daylight.

Now I had a couple answers but still not complete, How can I program their subliminal mind? Unleash their Natural ability on the game I Pursue. Well that answer came to me when I was researching Nutrition, in particular Colostrum. Being a Farm boy I know it is vitally important for a calf to get that first drink of colostrum from mom for a host of things to start happening. (If the calf does not take that first drink he is sure to die shortly) This is true with dogs as well. What happens? Once the colostrum is ingested their cells continue to develop as they did in the womb. Their Immune system is Jump Started, Their brain becomes programmed most importantly to the smell of MOM and FOOD and he make’s a direct correlation for the duration until he is weaned. Take Mom away for a couple hours from 5-6 week old Pups, Hide her and turn the hungry pups loose see how many of them find mom and get to eat. Now every thing revolves around the cells, and through much research I found out animal cells are put together like human cells and out of 8 essential nutrients needed for cell development only 2 are commonly found in their diet that means yes 6 are missing. There are plenty of Dog food suppliers that blow smoke but the truth is if the Nutrients are NOT in the raw materials and NOT readily available in the USA where are the nutrients coming from? Their NOT!!! Why are autoimmune diseases rising in our pets? Ask any Vet. I believe you will find out nutrition is a Major roll. Point is if your dog does not get proper nutrition their brain can not develop properly. What’s all this got to do with Training hounds? Well knowing the facts on that first drink and thinking of flash cards and wanting to put tracking and treeing coon in the subliminal mind of the pup, I came up with my own system. I help deliver every litter (when in my control) as soon as mom cleans them up and they start looking for that 1st drink of Colostrum I run a frozen fresh roadkill coon tail in front of their nose, run the “real” coon tail Between Moms utters and put the pup on its 1st meal. Now I repeat this every day at feeding time, eventually waking them up with just the passing of the tail and removing mom. It doesn’t take a hungry pup long to “open up” looking for mom. Once they find her I keep a barrier between them and all the pups will begin to “tree”. I always use a Real coon tail drag to mom.

By the time the pups are 6 to 12 weeks old you will know what ones can track and tree with accuracy. This does not mean they Finnish out any earlier but you at least know you have something to work with. I allow all the young dogs to run free through out the day and take them to the timber in early eve til dark til they have utmost confidence at night with other dogs. Typically my hounds are busting in the Dark at 5-6 mo. old able to tree their own hot coon. I had a guy e-mail me once wanting to know how deep they went at 12 weeks and do they come back. My answer was Oh 20-30 yards deep and yes they come back their 12 weeks old. They won’t swim a raging river, grub out an old feeder track, nor will they kill a big OLE boar coon. Their 12 weeks old LOL Any way with my system I have had great success. Getting young dogs started and getting them in the hands of people that will hunt them by themselves to put the finishing touches on them. I breed only coon dogs and don’t lie to myself on a dog’s ability to tree a coon. I could care less about the papers I want true coonhound ability in the hound I am breeding as well as ancestors 2 – 5 generations’ back. Track and Tree in the woods not my mind. There are hounds out they’re riding on its ancestor’s name and couldn’t tree its own coon to save its soul.

The Operation of my kennel has not changed 1 bit nor will it. Mosquito Creek Redbones has been My Vision since the early 90’s and I will stay the coarse. Breeding good track and tree females to the best males I can find that are reproducing and placing them in the best Hunting hands possible. Two programs are going to help this process, 1st DNA, I have been in favor of this from the beginning, and the UKC performance program, let the pups speak for the studs not Fancy Full page color ads. Proof is in the hounds. I do not sell culls unless they are fixed and can not hurt the breed any more. I have a puppy program that works go to our message board where owners of our hounds communicate. Ask them if they are happy. If you are interested in investing in future Hunting Stock or wanting a good nucleus for Starting your own program. Give me a call, However if your looking for a cheap/free hound I am sure I can’t help you. I have no family pets, Hunting hounds only.

Any questions about Mosquito Creek Redbones call (641) 492-6021, Thanks for your interest, Jack.

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