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All My pups come from Hunting stock; I breed brains to Brains not papers to papers. At Mosquito Creek Redbones I Breed what I Hunt and Hunt what I Breed. When pricing pups I find that some breeders use the PFA method (pulled from the air). No real basis on why they ask a certain price. That has always bothered me. So I came up with my own system. All of my puppies are Free; however my time is worth money. My pups are programmed from the minute they are born. So my base pricing is as follows. From the minute My pups are born till they are 8 weeks old, $200.00 per month. Therefore 8 week old pup $400.00 . My pup program, at 6 weeks on pups grow up in the timber and creek bottom. At least 3 times a day including dark. I allow their brains to develop. Most pups are tracking and treeing at 6 mo of age. Price as of January 1st 2009 is $200.00 per month. Therefore 6 mo old pup $1200.00 you take him off the tree!!!!! If you are a competition hunting home call for special pricing. (If your pup earnís their Nitech title you will receive a free pup.)

After a pups 6 month Birthday the ďreal trainingĒ begins. As of January 1st 2009. $300.00 per mo till you choose to come get him off the tree.. If you have PURCHASED a pup from birth and it is naturally talented you just got a heck of a deal. I will keep you posted on progress. All pups will require a non-refundable deposit of $100.00. Pup needs to be paid for in full at 8 weeks old After 8 weeks, if pup is enrolled in my pup program Ĺ of monthly price ($100.00 up to 6 mo. $150.00 6 mo. on up) will be due each month. (This is to help offset our cost of feed, shots ECT.) When you are ready to pick up your pup the remaining balance will be due under the tree with the meat. I believe this is a very fair system.

When you purchase a hound from me you get a companion not just a dog. Let me explain my analogy. When you and your spouse have a baby it is one of the best days of your life. From the minute they are born you hold them, talk to them, and nurture them donít you? what would happen if you took that child home and put them in a bedroom teach them their name took them three meals a day and feed them in there bedroom spend very little time with them just waiting till they got old enough to enjoy and then when they were approx. 7yrs. Take them in kindergarten to see how they compare to other children, I am afraid you would not be pleased with the results and you would have an underdeveloped child, FAR behind their classmates. I will go out on a limb here and say that less than 10% of our children would turn out. A lot like the Stud Dogs I see in the back of Bloodlines whom have 100 or 200 pups on the ground and only 3 to 5 pups have made Nite champion. Some of the reason is that not every one competes in nite hunts the other part is people Buy a pup for $250.00 takes it home and puts it in a kennel and teaches it their name, feeds it once a day and waits till it is a year old ( 7 human years ) or more and then takes it to the woods expecting it to go track and tree a coon. They have been robbed of valuable time. They are far behind their classmates . Now you give me that same pup at 1 day old let me hold it, talk to it, and nurture it every day of its life and see how advanced that pup is. I have proven this time and time again with as many references as you want to call. I Train ALL pups through their Stomach. Never do I have to beat them like I have seen other trainers Do. I do not shoot out coons and let my dogs get bit to make them hate a coon. I rob tails of road killed coons for all my pup training. All of our pups track and tree naturally and because they have been programmed since birth through their stomach. As they grow older they just want to make me happy and they do. So the choice is yours to make, go spend your hard earned $ on a puppy and take a chance that it might turn out OR purchase one here at Mosquito Creek Kennel and watch him track and tree and take him off the tree and enjoy him for years to come. My system works and IF you INVEST in one of my pups you WILL be GLAD you did.

In closing I would like to say My hounds are not for every one and never were intended to be, I am here for the serious Hunter, My goals are lofty and I will not reach them selling $250.00 average Pups that might turn out, I donít gamble. I put out hounds getting it done and do not let culls go anywhere, I put in the time that most Hunters canít spend with their dog, therefore I need to charge accordingly, and This is my business not my Hobby. I have worked with many people on payments and will continue doing so here in the future. You can go to my message board and talk to many of my customers. I do the best job I can for each and every one of them.

To God be the Glory,


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Jack Bingham (641) 750-4457 Montour, Iowa

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